Cocaine: A Deadly Road to Personal Ruin
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“When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.” — L. Ron Hubbard.

Learn more about the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard and his workable technologies that get people off drugs.

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“Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life”
The “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Coalition was established by parishioners of Churches of Scientology in 1983. Scientologists are 100 percent drug-free. Having achieved this freedom as a result of the discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientologists are acutely aware of their responsibility to help free others from the scourge of drugs that is so prevalent in society.

This website is presented as a public service by the Church of Scientology International. It is one way in which to help by providing the truth about drugs.

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