Cocaine: A Deadly Road to Personal Ruin
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Why is cocaine so addictive?
[image]“Crack turned me into a liar. I lied to everyone including myself. I own a large record company, but almost lost it because I was unable to work any longer. I told people I had no time, when I was in fact spending my days taking drugs in my office. I didn’t care about anything. I made huge mistakes. The shareholders of my company would have tossed me out and I know I would have gone to jail if I hadn’t decided to stop.”

Of all drugs, cocaine creates the greatest psychological dependence. It stimulates key pleasure centers within the brain and causes extremely heightened euphoria. However, an individual quickly develops a tolerance to the drug, requiring higher dosages and more frequent use in order to get the same effect. Cocaine cravings can be so strong that just the memory of the euphoria associated with use of the drug can trigger the desire to use it again, even after long periods of abstinence.

Deadly combinations of drugs.

Cocaine is sometimes taken with other drugs, including tranquilizers, amphetamines, marijuana and heroin. Such combinations greatly magnify the danger of using cocaine. In addition to the likelihood of developing a two-drug habit, one can easily create a mixture of narcotics that proves fatal.

Hashish: A dangerous road toward cocaine addiction

A hashish or marijuana user is ten times more likely to become a cocaine or heroin addict than a cigarette smoker is to develop lung cancer.

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